Winners of the draw #ShowYourSGLM

Posted on September 19, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

A few weeks ago we asked you to share photos of your look with Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez to take part in the draw for a magnificent selection of products. The time has come to find out who is the winner!

It's been an interesting few weeks on the social networks, we've had a really good time, and we hope you have too!

We were delighted with the non-stop avalanche of incredible pictures of you all, which is why we have a surprise for all of you, but you'll have to carry on reading to find out what it is.

What did you have to do to take part?

First, we'll do a quick review of what was needed to take part: All you had to do was publicly share a photo of yourself wearing one of the Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), not forgetting to include the hashtag #ShowYourSGLM, before September 9th, 2016.

The more photos you shared, the more chance you had of winning!


You've really gone out of your way to take part in this draw, and we've received dozens of photos. We love them all!

We would like to thank you all for taking part.

Thanks to Ann French, alias @_glitterboss_, who has delighted us on Instagram with her lovely photos.

Thanks to Donna Johnson and her curious story: At her daughter's wedding, all the matrons of honor, aunts and the bride herself wore Liquid Metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez. We loved it!

Thanks to Melissa Nunley, one of the people who shared the most photos. You have to send us a video of one of your concerts, we can't wait to hear you sing!

Thanks to Alisa Khoury Moretti. We loved her natural look, which shows that our bracelets are perfect for wearing every day.

Thanks to Emery Cowan for the most artistic photo of all. We were impressed!

Thanks to Gail D. for the most rocker look of all, and the place is amazing!

Thanks to @Klara619 for showing us how to eat sushi in style. A lovely photo!

And many thanks to everyone else! It's impossible to mention all the participants, but you can see all those who have taken part in the prize draw photo gallery #ShowYourSGLM on our Facebook.

And the winner is...

At last, it's time to find out the winner of the draw. We've left it to chance, and the lucky person to win the selection of products is... Melissa Nunley!

This is the winning photo:

Congratulations! Remember that the prize consists of the following selection of products:

  • Necklace RTN1BLK Mesh in Black Chrome
  • Bracelet RTB18BLK Mesh in Black Chrome
  • Ring RTR4BLK Mesh in Black Chrome

We will contact you shortly to send you your prize.

However, due to the large number of participants, we have decided to award two additional prizes.

Firstly, we have decided to offer a 15% discount to all those who have taken part in this draw so you can use it the next time you buy a Liquid Metal product by Sergio Gutierrez in our shop.

We'll contact you soon to give you your discount code. Keep an eye on the social networks!

And secondly, we have decided to give a prize to the most artistic photoof all those which were submitted. And the winner of this special prize is... Emery Cowan! With her wonderful photo at the piano:

We loved your photo! The prize is our bracelet "B26 Antique Silver”.

We will contact you shortly to give you your prize.

We hope you've enjoyed this draw as much as we have!

Thanks to all of you for taking part, and to those who didn't take part this time, we encourage you to do so in the future.

And remember that although the prize draw has finished, we love it when you share your photos wearing Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez. See you on the social networks!