7 Fashion Bloggers you should be following on Instagram

Posted on August 18, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

7 Fashion Bloggers you should be following on Instagram

There are millions of Instagram accounts, and hundreds of Fashion Bloggers who inspire us each day with their looks, but you can't miss the seven we've chosen for you.

If you don't follow them yet, you will do after taking a look at their amazing photos. And don't forget to follow us too on Instagram: @liquidmetalcollection

1. Just a Tina Bit

Tina is a Fashion Blogger from Seattle who catches our attention and thrills us with each of the photos she posts on Instagram, they have that special touch which make them unique.

She defines herself as a feminine, elegant girl, with an affordable style. She firmly believes that a good look doesn’t mean spending all your savings.

From the latest photos she has posted, this one on the beach is the one we liked the most, for the serenity it conveys.

Instagram: @justatinabit

Web: Just a Tina Bit

2. Clarabelle

Clare is the second Fashion Blogger we recommend you start following right now, if you’re not already doing so.

On Instagram she mixes photos of her outfits with those of her adorable daughter, Hannah, and all her photos are filled with incredible brightness.

From amongst all the beautiful pictures she has, we chose this one where she is with the sunflowers, because it inspires us so much.

Instagram: @clarabellecwb

Web: Clarabelle

3. That Girl Gick

Thida loves fashion, and it's reflected on her Instagram, which is why you shouldn't miss any of her photos.

On her website, she tells us that her style depends on her mood: feminine, daring or simply classic. And as we can see in her photos, frills and lace are her favorites.

We love the picture we chose because, as Thida says, it conveys the feeling of summer.

Instagram: @thatgirlgick

Web: That Girl Gick

4. Wannabe Fashion Blogger

Tamryn is a Fashion Blogger who lives in San Francisco, with a unique style which makes her photos stand out.

Besides, the name of her web, as well as her Instagram account, curiously come from the description she used in the photos she posted on Instagram, until she finally decided to start her own fashion blog.

We love the photo we chose to illustrate her, because it's simply different from the rest.

Instagram: @wannabefashionblogger

Web: Wannabe Fashion Blogger

5. A Styled Love Affair

We like the style that Nicole displays in her photos, which is why she's a Fashion Blogger you shouldn't miss.

She describes herself as a fashion lover and a shoe addict, which is why she loves the phrase "Life is short, buy the shoes.”

We could spend hours looking at the photo we chose to represent her, for all that it conveys.

Instagram: @astyledloveaffair

Web: A Styled Love Affair

6. Winton Avenue

If you don't follow this wonderful Fashion Blogger yet, you have to get onto her Instagram right now and start following her.

She combines photos of her outfits and the places she visits, as well as her lifestyle and flowers, lots of flowers. If you need inspiration, her pictures are perfect.

We love the photo we chose because it brought a smile to our faces.

Instagram: @winton_ave

Web: Winton Avenue

7. Style Waltz

McKenna is the last Fashion Blogger we want to recommend, but not the least important.

Her photos, filled with brightness, convey happiness, which is easily catching, and we always love her look. Amongst her photos, we can also see some of her son, George, who is absolutely delightful.

We chose this photo because it reflects McKenna's style to a tee, and her enormous smile.

Instagram: @mckennatrahan

Web: Style Waltz


We hope we've managed to inspire you with this selection of Instagram accounts that you shouldn't miss. Which is your favorite of the seven?

Check you now follow all of them. And of course, don't forget to follow us too on Instagram: @liquidmetalcollection

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