Celebrity Spot Light

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Alejandro Recio

Cherished by celebrities of all ages, Sergio Gutierrez’s  Liquid Metal Collection drapes the bodies of today’s most recognizable celebrities like, Annette Bening (often photographed with liquid metal B11 bracelet), Fergie, Cher, Demi Moore, Toni Braxton, Sharon Stone, Julie Warner, Marilyn Manson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Garcelle Beauvais, Eva Longoria, Sarah Chalk, Coco Austin, Thalia and  Tyra Banks among many others. They are past and current clients of the collection loving its elegant simplicity and sensuality of the mesh.

Also many movies and TV shows features various items of the collection among some are Breaking Bad with Skylar White, Queen of the Damned with Aaliyah and Stuart Townsend, Wild Target with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt, Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind with  Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.