5 Best Looks of Fashion Bloggers in October

Posted on November 03, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

During the month of October we have seen how the cold weather has arrived in our cities, giving way to warmer clothing in our wardrobes.

As we do each month, we'd like to take a look at the best looks of fashion bloggers during this last month, and review the latest trends for this fall season.

Don't miss the looks we've chosen!

1. Kendi Everyday

The first look we've chosen is Kendi Skeen's look on her trip to Europe, walking the streets of Zurich.

It's a casual look, quite warm and comfortable without a doubt, perfect for strolling around a city at this time of year.

What most catches the eye with this outfit is the lovely gray-colored hooded jacket. And there's a vintage touch with the high-waist trousers.

2. Sequins & Things

Another fantastic look we liked this month is this one: Alyson Haley wearing her gray cardigan in Green Park.

You can't be without a nice cardigan in your wardrobe this fall season. We've seen it in a number of outfits this time of year, like this checkered scarf that Alyson is wearing, a garment that is on the streets again this year.

The look is finished off with leather trousers and black ankle boots with a matching bag. If you still don't have a nice black bag which pairs easily with any look, take a look at this one from our Leather Bags collection, and enjoy a 20% discount with the code SALE20LEBA until November 20.

3. Suburban Faux Pas

The third October look which we liked most is this one: Krystin Lee in rosy tones.

The place she chose for her photos is definitely the most fall-like possible, as reflected in her mirror-like glasses, which add a different touch to the outfit.

What we most like about this look is the lovely long coat, you won't be cold with that, for sure!

4. Hapa Time

Another wonderful look we liked is this one from Jessica, who also decided to pose in a very fall-like surrounding.

Both the baggy sweater and the ripped jeans give the whole outfit a casual feel, perfect for day-to-day, which is why we love it.

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5. The Teacher Diva

And last but not least, we loved this look: Ashley Robertson wearing her Tweed Jacket, perfect for the fall season.

A lovely blouse and a pair of classic style jeans make for a really elegant outfit, and the sunglasses, as we have seen in the other looks, seem to be the most-used accessory.

Pair the outfit with lovely long black boots, which are undoubtedly making a strong comeback again this year as the cold weather approaches, as we have seen in the fashion bloggers' looks this time of year.


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